Weekend GetAway In Bangalore With A Howler!

A Trip In Bangalore!

Winter is here! Luckily, I got one internship to do in my winter vacations in Bangalore. I don’t have many friends here in Bangalore as my hometown is Mumbai and my college is in Chennai. I was well occupied with my work for 5 days of a week but on weekends I had nothing to do. Many of my friends told me that Bangalore is awesome for travelling. Me being a travel freak, always wondered about getting out there in roads of the city and travelling alone. So a weekend getaway in Bangalore was always on the cards!

For the first two weekends, I just went out to see malls and other places by myself. The app called ‘trip n howl’, helped me a lot during my travelling to find various places & getting more information about them in details, to books cabs & getting to nearby places. It basically satisfied most of my travel needs.

But after a while, I got bored of travelling alone. I needed someone with whom I can roam through the roads of city, with whom I can take pictures & create memories in Bangalore, I needed a friend. One of my friend introduced me to this new feature called ‘nearby howlers’ in trip n howl app. On next weekend, I checked on the app and found one guy to howl around the city with. Even he was from different town & doing the internship here in Bangalore. I sent him the request on the app and we planned to go to a movie together on Saturday.

Found a New Friend-

I met him at Whitefield bus stop and then we both went to Phoenix Mall nearby and watched Star Wars movie. We both being nerds, loved that movie. The movie got over by 9PM and then we got out of PVR theatre and to our surprise, one band was performing in that mall that night. Both of us went there and joined others. The feeling of dancing with total strangers after 2 hours 33 minutes of Star Wars’ awesomeness is legen.…wait for it….dary….legendary.

After that cool performance, we both went to ‘Mad Over Donuts’ to have a donut. I never had a donut from MOD before and he asked me to try it. And yeah, I loved it. Then we both left the mall and went to our respective PGs. Thereafter whenever I needed to travel somewhere I would just call him up & in case if he is busy then I would look for someone else in the app.

The app is really ‘One Stop Travel Solution!’

-Experience shared by Howler Aniket!


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